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By implementing the CEO program, it provides much needed fiduciary relief to Plan Sponsors by "bundling" certain tasks.  Our Fiduciary Administative Service Team (FAST) provides all the necessary fiduciary services, so CEOs are able to focus on their business.


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Discover the Combined Efficiency Option 3(16)



Is a TPA a 3(16) administrator?


A third party administrator or 'TPA' handles the administration of a company and at no point assumes the responsiblity of a fiduciary, unless hired to do so.


Will CEO 3(16) provide investment fiduciary services?


No.  Currently, CEO 3(16) is only serving as an administrative fiduciary.

What is a 3(16) Fiduciary?


The “Plan Administrator” of a qualified retirement plan is defined in section 3(16) of ERISA. 

The Plan Administrator should not be confused with a “Pension Administrator” or a “Third Party Administrator” (TPA).

Unlike the TPA, the Plan Administrator has the following primary responsibilities:


• Ensures all required filings with the federal govern-

ment are made in a timely manner (Form 5500, etc.)

• Signs the Form 5500 

• Monitors deposits to ensure they are remitted in a timely manner

• Maintains integrity of plan document as it relates to plan amendments and changes

• Hires plan service providers if no other fiduciary has that responsibility

• Ensures that the required disclosures are provided to plan participants

• Fulfills other responsibilities as set forth in plan documents

• Assists in interpreting the plan document

• Administration of Loans (develops procedures and process)

• Distribution of benefits as follows:

      - Administration of QDROs (develops procedures and process)

      - Administration of Hardship Withdrawals

      - Administration of all other Withdrawals

The ERISA 3(16) administrator is a plan fiduciary and assumes the liability that comes with it. However, they have no direction in selecting plan investments.


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